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Out In L.C. aims to connect Lincoln City residents, business owners, organizations, and visitors alike by welcoming the LGBTQ+ community in an overt, present, visually meaningful way.

Out In L.C. Logo, LGBTQ+ Lincoln City, Oregon, All are Welcome Here

Our Story

Out In L.C. is a community project that champions visibility, representation, and connection as vehicles to support the mental and emotional wellness of LGBTQ+ community members and visitors. We want everyone to feel comfortable, welcomed, safe, and seen while out and about in Lincoln City. 

Our name and logo embody this concept. The butterfly symbolizes transformation and evolution, signifying our community's dedication to creating a welcoming and accepting environment for LGBTQ+ individuals, with a commitment to continuous progress. The Progress Pride Flag background is an unmistakable and well-established image of LGBTQ+ pride, highlighting queer people of color and the transgender community. Ultimately, our goal is for everyone to feel embraced and empowered to be Out In L.C.


We are doing this by:


  • Creating and maintaining a searchable directory of businesses and organizations in Lincoln City that welcome ALL people.

  • Distributing decals to participating businesses and organizations so that they can display their support in their windows. 

  • Networking with Lincoln City community members and organizations that support LGBTQ+ people in order to create opportunities for education and connection.


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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